An Original Stage Musical Inspired by a Family Tale

BETTER CONNECTICUT featured Crossing: A Musical Journey on its May 21 broadcast. Co-writers Mike Bailey and Ron Gletherow spoke about the show, and cast members Julia Helal and Braiden Sunshine performed "Sailor."
THE DAY of New London featured Crossing on the Arts section cover of its July 27 edition. Arts writer Rick Koster interviewed co-writers Mike Bailey and Ron Gletherow about the show's development, inspiration, and future. Ricks writes, "The project became sort of an unintentional step on their musical evolution because, organically, the songs took on a sophisticted pop sound that shimmers with Moody Blues or Swell Season-style melodies or — perhaps more appropriately — tunes you'd hear from the folks who wrote "Dear Evan Hansen" or "Spring Awakening."
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